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Medical bundle

 Medical bundle

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Medical bundle is an add-in to STATISTICA providing a set of dedicated analytical tools used commonly in the medical field. It requires to run STATISTICA Trial installed. Medical bundle is not a part of standard STATISTICA distribution.

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  Medical bundle Note, to run Medical bundle you have to have the STATISTICA Trial 12.0 installed.
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Medical bundle Software features are divided into three groups:

  • Data cleansing
  • Analyses
  • Additional analyses
Data Cleansing modules enable the user to define data correctness rules, to recode categorical data into dummy variables and to manage missing data. Analyses consists of three modules: Meta-analysis and Meta-regression, ROC Curves and Logistic regression wizard. Medical Bundle is complemented with Effect/Interrelation Measures, Post-hoc Test for Friedman ANOVA and Bland-Altman Plot features.

 Medical bundle

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